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320 pages

You're in Charge--Now What?, The 8 Point Plan

Creator: Thomas J. Neff | Business & Economics - 2005-01-11

But with the eight-point plan of You’re in Charge—Now What? you’ll understand and be able to take action on the patterns that will build your success. Also available as an eBook From the Hardcover edition.

Publisher: Crown Business

170 pages

Opening theory made easy, twenty strategic principles to improve your opening game

Creator: Otake Hideo | Games - 1992-10

Publisher: Ishi Pr

326 pages

Real Change, The Fight for America's Future

Creator: Newt Gingrich | Political Science - 2009-06-15

Can we create a government that is small, efficient, and responsive--from the state house to the White House? Is that kind of real change even possible? Newt Gingrich says it's time for citizens to demand results from our elected officials.

Publisher: Regnery Publishing

About this book
Americans don’t just want change this election year, they want real change—but most have no idea where it will come from. Democrats can’t provide it and Republicans won’t. But former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich does. He explains what is wrong with our country and how to solve our problems in his blockbuster new book, Real Change: From the World That Fails to the World That Works. In this no-holds-barred assessment of American politics, Gingrich approaches our nation’s problems with a private-sector mentality and an entrepreneurial spirit, offering commonsense solutions for the issues of today and the challenges of tomorrow. He lambasts both parties for creating a “government of the bureaucrats, by the consultants, and for the special interests” and busts the myth that voters are entrenched in a “red state” vs. “blue state” mentality. Gingrich exposes the truth: Americans are united on almost every important issue. It’s the politicians who drag us into partisan bickering and away from real change.

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Sprzedaż samochodów używanych BMW i inne marki | Prestige
Używane samochody luksusowe. Audi A8 i Q7, BMW serii 7 i 5 czy Mercedes klasy S to auta z najwyższej półki, które otwierają rangi najlepiej sprzedających się ...

Używane Audi A4 - rozsądny wybór to 2.0 TDI - Auto Świat
Audi A4 - 2.0 TDI to rozsądny wybór. Choć w ofercie są aż 22 wersje silnikowe, na rynku dominują turbodiesle common rail 2.0 TDI (moc: od 120 do 190 KM).

Wahacze Audi A4 - Auto bez tajemnic
Najsłabszą stroną Audi A4 B5 jest kosztowne w naprawach, wielowahaczowe przednie zawieszenie. (fot. Audi) Na każde koło przypadają po cztery aluminiowe wahacze.

Wrocław -
Autoryzowany Dealer Mercedes-Benz Mirosław Wróbel, Wrocław, Klecińska 155 - samochody używane w atrakcyjnych cenach. Sprawdź..


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