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Traditio, studies in ancient and medieval history, thought and religion


Constat autem partibus quinque, ut hoc elucidabitur exemplo: Audi Deus pietate solita. ... Because of the diversity of MS evidence it has been found impossible to maintain complete uniformity of sigla in designating the MSS used ...

803 pages

Bibliotheca Basiliana universalis, a study of the manuscript tradition of the works of Basil of Caesarea

Creator: Paul Jonathan Fedwick | Religion - 1997

... liber necessarius'; ID: Audi fili ammonitiones... diligentibus se. explicit epistula beatissimi Basilii episcopi. custodientes hec uita non deerit aeterna amen; coll. Lehmann 1955, sigla V). Ì2277 SANKT-GALLEN Stiftsbibliothek 677.

272 pages

Letter notations in the Middle Ages

Creator: Alma Colk Santosuosso | 1989

... SIGLA FOLIO COMPOSITION GENRE Avr 98 227v Archangelorum inclita Hymn for St. Michael Avr 109 76v Signifer ... Eng 73a 6v-7r Ave preclara maris Sequence Eng 102 12r Audi chorum organicum Song Eng 102 Magnificat anima mea Magnificat ...

Publisher: The Institute of Mediaeval Music

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