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177 pages

Jenatsch's Axe, Social Boundaries, Identity, and Myth in the Era of the Thirty Years' War

Creator: Randolph Conrad Head | History - 2008

Die walt warluifjtig Alpisch Rhetia I sampt dein Trait der anderen Alpgebirgen I nacli Plinii I Plulomei I Strabonis I audi anderen Welt ... Faide e Rapparificazioni: Elaborazioni coneettnali, esperieny storiche. edited by Marco Cavina, 83-1 18.

Publisher: University Rochester Press

About this book
During the turbulent events of Europe's Thirty Years' War, both ruthlessness and adaptability were crucial ingredients for success. In this engaging volume, Randolph C. Head traces the career of an extraordinarily adaptable and ruthless figure, George Jenatsch (1596-1639). Born a Protestant pastor's son, Jenatsch's career took him from the clergy to the military to the nobility. A passionate Calvinist in his youth, he converted to Catholicism and prudence as his power grew. A native speaker of the Romansh language, he crossed the boundaries of language and local loyalty in his service to France, Venice, and his own people. Violence marked every turning point of his life. After fleeing the "Holy Massacre" of Protestants in the Valtellina in 1620, Jenatsch helped assassinate the powerful Pompeius von Planta, in 1621, using an axe. He killed his commanding officer in a duel in 1629, and his own life ended in a tavern in 1639 when he was murdered -- with an axe -- by a man dressed as a bear. After his death, myth took over. Rumors spread that Jenatsch was killed by the same axe that he had wielded on von Planta -- and from there the story only got better, culminating in Conrad Ferdinand Meyer's celebrated 1876 novel, Jurg Jenatsch. This study meticulously traces the social boundaries that characterized seventeenth-century Europe -- region, religion, social state, and kinship -- by analyzing a distinctive life that crossed them all. Professor Randolph C. Head teaches European History at the University of California, Riverside and is the author of I>Early Modern Democracy in the Grisons.

268 pages

Marcello Morandini, art-design 1964-2000

Creator: Marcello Morandini, Museo d'arte moderna e contemporanea (Varese, Italy) | Design - 2000

193, realizzato in alluminio ad Hannover, è il capostipite di molte elaborazioni e ricerche più complesse create fino al 1990. ll ... 194/1973 1974-1975-1976 205E/ 1974 224/1975 224 A/1975 260A/1979 217/1974 Multiplo Audi/1998 209/1974.

About this book
Marcello Morandini has become a reference point for designers around the world. This catalogue features 40 works of art and 40 design products organized by theme, and illustrating his importance in the fields of sculpture, graphic design, industrial design and urban planning.

Storia della città

Cities and towns - 1983

... quello che cantarono terrorizzati gli uomini del misterioso Mille: Audi tellus, audi magni maris limbus; audi homo, audi ... base e anche a pretesto per ricche elaborazioni che finiscono col confinare l'arte musicale in una posizione elitaria.

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